VSR-R - One-piece upper

In november 2016 I started making a one-piece upper receiver/outer barrel for the VSR. I published the progress of which on Airsoftsniperforum. Due to the high demand I have since started making more of these receivers on custom order basis.

The entire upper is one solid assembly:

Rifle Overview

It is made for the VSR, accepting VSR internals and VSR magazines:



I can make them with a regular end cap or LRB mod:


Or with an integrated suppressor:


It also comes with barrel spacers and a cylinder sleeve:


The price is 200 per receiver, that is including the cylinder sleeve, barrel spacers and muzzle attachment of your choice, including EU VAT, excluding shipping. It is made to customer specifications, so a different barrel length or a left handed option is of course entirely possible. The ejection port can also be left out since it has no real function but for looks I recommend to leave it in.

It is made for standard VSR parts and will accept standard VSR internals, rails, triggers and mounting blocks. The screw holes are all threaded for M3, so like the stock receiver, it is possible to strip these if you are not careful. I also offer the option to thread the holes for the rail and trigger for M4 since it is stronger, but you will have to drill out your own trigger mounting holes and rail holes to 4 mm yourself (or order those parts through me as well).

Since the receiver is a lot thicker than the stock version, a slight modification of the stock is needed. You will need to sand down the stock a little to accommodate the 33 mm outer barrel (stock is 30 mm):


Other than that, you will obviously need to supply your own stock, internals and rail. One disclaimer however: the VSR-R does not seem to play nice with the Action Army triggers. Airsoftpro, PDI and even stock all work fine, but due to the thicker receiver I have observed some cases of slam fire in a receiver that worked perfectly fine with different triggers, using AA triggers that worked perfectly fine in other guns. I therefore do not fully guarantee that it will work with the AA trigger.

If you have any questions or simply would like to place an order, please don't hesitate to contact me at info@reliku.com.